Are you a photographer?

We need someone to take photos during our events. If you can volunteer or your know someone who can - give us a call.

Do you have friends?

Feel free to invite anyone interested in the startup world and creating new relationships to Krakow Open Coffee.

Are you a designer?

Wanna help with building our web-platform? Welcome on board, we have ton of the ideas.

Do you feel happy at mornings?

If you feel happy and incredibly powerful at 7am than you should definitely join our welcoming team. And by the way, you will have a chance to meet all our guests personally.

Are you able to help with promotion?

It would be awesome if you could promote our events. Maybe you have a blog, or media contacts. Let them know about us!

Are you reading this?

Awesome! Then we need you! It is the people who make Krakow Open Coffee such an unforgettable experience. We believe in the idea that if each participant focuses on what they are able to give rather than get then Krakow Open Coffee will become more amazing. We are sure that there is someway you can help us out. Let us know who you are and what you can do, and we will find a way to use your skills to improve the Krakow Open Coffee and the Krakow startup scene.