What A Wintrepreneurs meetup. hosted by entrepreneurial alumni of Winchester College. See Google Campus diary here
The attendees of our previous meeting can be viewed here and here
The invitees and attendees are not just Old Wykehamists - this is intentional. We will explain our concept at the meetup, in the future as we establish critical mass and subject to demand we will have Open meetings like this one for all "positive minded" comers and closed meetings with more demanding criteria. It will be "both and" rather than "either or"

When 22nd October 18:30. - 21:00

Where Google Campus London 3rd Floor 4-5 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX (note the improved venue, not in the basement like last time)

Who We are pleased to invite members of Etonpreneurs, (Eton College Entrepreneurs Society) the Oxbridge Society of Poland, entrepreneurial alumni of Pembroke College Cambridge, and Westminster School, and past and present members of the The Parmee Prize for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, and the LSE. If you would like your organisation to be on this contact us. We expect to invite expand the guest list Our first meeting was male dominated. Please invite a female entrepreneur. Richard Lucas is involved with Astia, which supports women led or co-founded high growth startups.

Draft Program - subject to change if we decide want to
18:30 - 19:00 Icebreaker integration activities - > reflecting the fact that no one will know everyone.
19:00 Open Coffee Krakow style introductions. Attendees make public introduction, what they do, want and can offer to other attendees in up to one minute.
19:45 10 minute presentation about the idea and concept of Wintrepreneurs by Ed Neale and Richard Lucas. plus discussion comment questions., and what we have learned from Etonpreneurs
We are looking to engage very successful alumni - if we find one, we may give the floor to a guest speaker

If you want to attend Please click on Join below. once you have "joined" the meeting with Linkedin or Facebook you can use the event "comment" stream to post details of your business , idea or project and if you are on Facebook, join our group here and on LinkedIn here

Cost covered by Richard Lucas and Edward Neale, in the past we have had additional voluntary contributions from Nick Hadcock, Simon Powell-Jackson, Rory Blevins, Adam Gray and Will Rushmer (Apologies if we have forgotten anybody!). Individuals or companies wanting to contribute by covering the bill will be publicly thanked and have a warm fuzzy feeling. We encourage attendees who are making more than they spent to be generous and will let students, and school kids in for free. thanks to Aliaksei Kulbei for providing this "event page"

They are coming on 2014-10-22

Who you are? What are you looking for? What are you able to give?

Don Allen

QuakQuak - it's just like TV. But better.

Entrepreneur Get funded Co-founder needed New connections Volunteers to help Give advice Help with media & PR Skills swap Skills swap

Bill Orme

co-founder & principal of V1rtue, helping stop #fails since 2014

We Keep Social Media #Social. Virtue mitigates the risks of accidental or inappropriate uses of social media for Corporates, parents and college graduates looking for am advantage in the labour market

Entrepreneur Community activist Get funded Business advice Advice Volunteers to help Give advice Invite people Can volunteer Artist Skills swap Energy/Enthusiasm Running own startup Business developer

Christopher Ellis

Managing Director at Consensus Advisors Ltd

airships, diamonds and distress

Entrepreneur Get funded Business advice Give advice Can volunteer

Ali Afshar

Consumer Technology Entrepeneur

Vellum - An A4 digital paper-replacement device

Entrepreneur Student Get funded Business advice New connections Hiring Give advice 3D printing user Running own startup

Rumi Jahani

I am just interesting in getting to know other entrepreneurs. I would like to find a way to price and market Socially responsible investing

Student New challenge Advice Can volunteer New job

Lilas Verron

Business Developer at Methys UK and Paygenius

Methys - Digital services provider along with PayGenius - payment gateway!

Hiring Give advice Energy/Enthusiasm Business developer

Francis Kershaw

Director at Whins Associates

Own business: accountants & tax advisory firm

Investor New connections Give advice

PaweĊ‚ Jaworski

Platform Manager at AudienceScience

(Science) Conference app

Entrepreneur Get funded Business advice Give advice

Nicholas Farhi

Trustee at UnLtd. Angel investor

Investor Angel Give advice Invite people Invest

Edward Neale


ecommerce, branding, digital marketing, brazilian stuff

Entrepreneur Growth Hacker Marketing Event organizer Get funded Business advice Tech advice Advice New connections Give advice Invite people Help with media & PR Skills swap Skills swap Energy/Enthusiasm Business developer

Oliver Pugh

Founding Tastemaker at EarlyBird

EarlyBird - Healthy and tasty snacks delivered.

Entrepreneur Get funded Business advice

Shireen Jayyusi

Founder - Gilda's Tryst Limited

Entrepreneur currently investigating new potential projects

Entrepreneur PR Marketing Project manager New challenge Tech advice New connections Give advice Help with media & PR Skills swap Skills swap

Chris Wheatcroft

Tech Club Manager at Angels Den

Finding investment for early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

Angel Entrepreneur New connections Give advice

Edward Webb

I am a photographer and a violinist, and have recently worked on an art project for St Thomas's Hostpital, and also played concerts in Jersey.

Graeme Ginsberg

Business strategy, development, management

New education sector business

Entrepreneur New connections Hiring Give advice Energy/Enthusiasm

Rory Blevins

Senior Software Engineer at Spektrix Ltd

Developer and scientist.

Entrepreneur Developer New challenge New connections Give advice Skills swap

Monika Jedynak

I'm a management consultant working on various projects.

New challenge Business advice Business Ideas Give advice Skills swap Business developer

Richard Valtr

Founder at Mews Systems

Richard, Founded Mews Systems and working on some great apps for Travel

Entrepreneur Business advice Tech advice Advice Business Ideas Hiring Energy/Enthusiasm Running own startup Business developer

Isabel Richards

Enabling people to create their own opportunities/explore personal projects/reclaim their spare time.

Co-founder needed New connections Give advice Skills swap Energy/Enthusiasm

Richard Lucas

Angel investor and entrepreneur

drones, China, Global Entrepreneurship Week, making a success of Wintrepreneurs

Help develop the 3D community Energy/Enthusiasm Skills swap Invest Can volunteer Help with media & PR Invite people Give advice Hiring Volunteers to help Business Ideas New connections Community activist Designer Event organizer Entrepreneur Angel Investor

Andrew Atter

Managing Partner, Executive Dialogue Ltd

Founder of Pivomo, a provider on online mentoring tools for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Researcher Get funded Business advice New connections Business Ideas Game developer

Renata Urbanczyk

I am interested to hear from other new start up entrepreneurs.

Business Ideas Give advice Running own startup

Maciej Kubat

Financial Controller at Sense Worldwide

Financial App

Investor New connections Volunteers to help Give advice Invest

Zuzanna Kokot

President at Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs

I am the president of Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs society, focused on helping students get entrepreneurial skills. Inspire everyone!

Entrepreneur Student New challenge New connections Business Ideas Can volunteer Skills swap Skills swap Energy/Enthusiasm

George Thomas

Associate at Smedvig Capital


Investor New connections Invest

David Lewis

Managing Director at SunSmart Energy

I run a solar PV company near Winchester.

Entrepreneur New connections Give advice Energy/Enthusiasm

James Field

CEO at LabGenius

South Ken based Synthetic Biology start up

Entrepreneur Volunteers to help Hiring Give advice

Charlie McCall

Partner at The EB Partnership LLP

I am launching a website which will provide SMEs with a portal for all their benefits and an A-E solution.

Business advice Tech advice Advice Give advice Skills swap Skills swap Running own startup

Alex Powell

SportHero, social game for sports fans to predict match results against friends.

Entrepreneur Growth Hacker Marketing Get funded Tech advice New connections Give advice Game developer Running own startup
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